Sales Effectiveness and Agency Performance

Ward Group offers three types of service for property-casualty insurance companies to objectively measure the performance of their independent agents and brokers, identify top agency performers and uncover gaps in the distribution profile.

Management Review
For a complete view of agency performance, we offer a data tool to help insurance companies compare the performance of their agency workforce against the performance of agencies in the workforce of other companies by:
  • Geographic territory national, regional and by state, county or postal code
  • Product line - property & casualty, personal, commercial, personal auto, homeowners, personal umbrella, other personal lines, commercial auto, commercial package, workers' compensation and other commercial lines

We use premium, policy, claims and compensation information for a comprehensive and balanced analysis of agency performance.

We apply a standardized proven model to score and tier the agency workforce of our clients and help them compare the performance of each agency in their workforce against other agencies contracted with the company. Based on decisions by the company on what metrics to use and their importance, each agency is given a score and then assigned to a tier based on performance. The performance data helps our clients to:
  • Objectively measure their agency force
  • Better align company resources
  • Identify true agency partners
  • Assertively weed out problem agencies
Supported by agency benchmarking data, research studies and our deep industry knowledge, we help our clients make fact-based decisions on a broad spectrum of agency management issues and help them develop and implement comprehensive distribution management practices within their organizations. We can help with:
  • Operational structure and efficiency
  • Agency compensation plan design
  • Agency appointments, rehabilitation and termination
  • Development of strategic initiatives
  • Execution and implementation of tactical plans

Your Data is Secure

  • All data is cleansed and suppressed to protect confidentiality.
  • No individual company's information will be shared with another company.
  • The comparison benchmarks are only available to companies that subscribe and participate in the Ward Group agency benchmarking service.

Contact Us

For more information about Ward Group's sales and agency management services, contact Rob Bentley.

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