Salesforce Employee Value Proposition Survey

Date:JUN 2017
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The purpose of this survey is to gain a comprehensive understanding of what motivates insurance carrier sales employees in today’s evolving market place. More specifically, we are seeking to understand how different demographics of salespeople (age, geography, sex, tenure, performance level) value and perceive Company effectiveness in the following employment drivers:

o Compensation & other awards
o Benefits
o Engagement
o Trade-offs between pay and performance
o Responsibilities
o Performance Management
o Administrative Support
o Brand Strength

Participating companies will use the results of this survey to better understand how you (as a valued sales employee) feel about your Company’s employee value proposition and how your company's proposition compares to the market. It will also aid in identifying key gaps for your company to address or advantages to leverage going forward.

For additional details or to request your company's personalized survey link, please contact:

Rob Bentley | Associate Partner, Ward Group

t + 1.847.442.2673 


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